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Fel­low travelers,

So where in the world do you want to go? Well, not the whole wide world. My specialty is West­ern Europe so that is the info that you will find on my travel tips blog. My best advice: try not to spread your­self too thin. Remem­ber that activ­i­ties look eas­ier to accom­plish when you are com­fort­ably sit­u­ated in your own home, with food in the fridge, the water closet down the hall and you have had a good nights sleep in your own bed. Also keep in mind that when you travel, every­thing depends on time, money and energy. Every­thing!

For exam­ple, when I first start­ing trekking, I was in my late thir­ties. I had plenty of energy but not so much time or money. Now I’m in my early six­ties and the bal­ance has changed. More time and money but the energy lev­els can be low to nonex­is­tent. The Euro­girls like to focus on one or two coun­tries for a three week trip.

Happy planning, happy dreamin’.

Your travel buddy,